Empathy Postcard Book
Empathy Postcard Book
Empathy Postcard Book

Empathy Postcard Book

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Empathy Postcard book set

These Empathy Postcards were designed to make it even easier to be there when it really matters: during life’s hardest moments, like major illness or loss. Send one at a time, or give them in a series—once a week, say—to the same person, whether it’s over the duration of treatment, at any time following a tragedy (not just during the first days or weeks) or for any particularly difficult few months.

Empathy Postcards- Being there is easier than you think.

You're not a burden you're a human. The darkness is not a dead end. Its a hallway. Keep Going. There is no good card for this. I'm sorry.  These are some of my personal favorites. 

Product Details:

  • 20 postcards
  • 10 designs 
  • the backside is ready to fill out for the mail